Massage/Facial Combo

90 minute/$200

The sister businesses Grand Pearl Aesthetics and Balance Massage team up to give you a lovely experience. Half of the time will be spent receiving an integrated full body massage and the other half receiving a facial. This service is provided by two separate therapists who have adjoining neighbor treatment rooms. 

     For an elevated & balanced                               experience

Reflexology ( Ears, Hands, & Feet)/ $45   
 CBD/  $35
Hot Stones/ $35                                         
Essential Oils/ $35
Vacuum Cups/ $35                                  
Refreshing Botanical Face Mask/ $35
Sugar Foot Scrub w/ Mango Butter Moisturizer/ $40 
Full Body Sugar Scrub/ $45


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       Please Call to book     720-930-9120 or

       Please Call to book     720-930-9120 or

Couples Massage 

60 minutes/ $270, 75 minutes/ $310, 90 minutes/ $350

Have a luxurious day with your significant other, partner in crime, or best friend.
NOTE: You may be split into 2 rooms. Balance Massage, Yellow House Massage. and Grand Pearl Aesthetics collaborate to accommodate couples.


The Ultimate Balance Massage

120 minutes/ $350

Do you want the ultimate Balance Massage treatment? Enjoy this Integrative massage that includes a Botanical Refresh face mask, sugar foot scrub,  mango butter, Himalayan salt hot stones, therapeutic essential oils, and hot towel compresses, finished with quench lip balm. This will be sure to leave you completely pampered and balanced. CBD is a great enhancement for this treatment. 


The Balanced Mom Prenatal Massage
60 minutes/ $125, 75 minutes/ $140, 90 minutes/ $155

This massage is for the expecting mother.  It is a scientific fact that when Mom's nervous system is calm than so is the baby's. The massage will be catered to making mom feel as pampered and relaxed as possible.  Hot Towels with aromatherapy will also be used throughout the treatment to relieve tension and soreness. The refresher botanical face mask pairs perfectly as an enhancement for this service.


Fill Your Cup Detox Massage

60 minutes/ $130, 75 minutes/ $150,
90 minutes/ $170, 120 minutes/ $225

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which vaccum cups are placed on your skin and  then moved around the area to create suction for a myofascial release. This modality increases blood flow to the muscle.  Cupping leaves purple/ red marks, which is perfectly normal, and part of the detoxification process. The CBD oil enhancement pairs perfect with cupping. 


Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage

60 minutes/ $130, 75 minutes/ $150,
90 minutes/ $170 
An integrated massage that is customized to your pressure preference. Several healing essential oils are dropped along the spine and feet. We will go over your particular needs and customize the type of oils that will have the most benefits for you. The sugar foot scrub with mango butter enhancement pairs lovely with this service. 


Snow Melt Hot Stone Massage 

60 minutes/ $130, 75 minutes/ $150,
90 minutes/ $170

We utilize  a combination of hot , smoothe basalt stones and glide them up and down the body. Hot stones can increase circulation and blood flow to tight areas. Just like the sun melts the snow, this massage will be sure to melt tension. 
The essential oils enhancement is a perfect pairing with this Hot Stone Massage.


Traditional Thai Massage  For The Table

60 minutes/$130, 75 minutes/ $150,
90 minutes/$170

Traditional Thai Massage for the table is also known as " Lazy Man's Yoga". The therapist will use a heated Thai herbal compress that is filled with lemongrass, turmeric, and ginger which all have anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the techniques you can expect in this session include, yogic stretches, range of motion techniques, Deep tissue compression using the hands and feet, and lots of attention to the feet and joints. This modality of massage focuses on opening up the “Sen Lines” which are essentially energy meridians in the body. Thai Massage can help  with range of motion and mobility. 


   Deep Tissue Massage
   60 minute/ $120, 75 minutes/ $140,
90 minutes/ $150, 120 minutes/ $200

This massage targets the deeper muscles and surrounding connective tissue with a slow, deep pressure. This modality can also increase range of motion and relieve pain. Some techniques that may be applied include Trigger Point Work, Myofascial Release, as well as active and passive stretching techniques. Be prepared to breathe through this massage. Deep tissue Massage can help break up adhesions, however, it usually takes time and sometimes multiple sessions.  If you haven't received massage in awhile we recommend a 90 minute session at least. Enhance this massage with CBD. You won't regret it.


Swedish Massage 

60 minutes/ $115 ,75 minutes/ $135,
90 minutes/ $155

Swedish Massage targets the upper most superficial layers of the muscles. Unlike a deep tissue massage, way lighter pressure is applied with long, kneading techniques. This modality is great for deep relaxation and is meant for the person who wants to zone out and forget about their day. We recommend adding the foot scrub with mango butter or the Botanical face mask enhancement for a deeply indulgent experience.

All services come accomapnied with hot towel compresses


       Travel Policies 
We service Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash. and Granby. Please prepare space for your session,   roughly the size of a twin mattress. We love pets and we don't mind if they're in the room with us, however, if they start chewing on equipment we will need to remove them from the space for the remainder of the session. 

***SPECIAL COUPLES NOTE: Couples sessions must be booked in the same location,  on the same day, back to back. 

Thank you so much for making the experience as smoothe as possible for all parties involved.  We are very grateful for our loyal clientele. 

We arrive with all the supplies, including massage table, oil, sheets, and preferred music.

Let us come to you!

Mobile Massage

120 Minute Mobile Massage 

    90 minute
     4 Pack/ $500
     6 Pack/ $790
       $80 off

90 minute Couples Packs
 4 Pack/ $1300
 6 Pack/ $2000
$100 off

All Packs Expire in 6 months.
 No refunds.

      60 Minute 
     4 Pack/ $400
     6 pack/ $630
$60 off


For the person who "kneads" regular massage.


90 minute Mobile Massage



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